Don’t Be Fooled By the Nationwide Locksmith Scams 

Out-of-state, foreign-owned call centers pose as local locksmiths. They create fake names, phone numbers, and addresses, posing as a known local business. When you call, they will not give you a company name or address. If you ask for pricing, they get evasive. Some will quote you $29 for a service call, and then charge you $200 – $3000, for a small job! An elderly lady in Tucker recently called them to re-key 3 doors; they charged her $3000!! Her daughter called us the next day, for help. DON’T BE A VICTIM!! Ask for a total price; if they won’t give one … HANG UP!

For more info on the locksmith scammers, go to: Also search “locksmith swindle” or “phony locksmith.” 

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